Explaining the Value of a Well-Developed Online Casino Guide

Explaining the Value of a Well-Developed Online Casino Guide

January 6, 2021 Off By Diana Beasley

Anyone who has ever embarked on a new project – whether for business or for fun – will in all likelihood be able to relate to feeling just a tad out of place, even silly and strange, for not knowing the ropes.  It is at these times that we often declare, “I wish there was a user manual for this!”.  Fortunately, there is a great variety of online casino guides available for free for anyone who wishes to discover the world of online gambling.

Any online casino guide worth its cyber salt will seek to address a number of key matters, including the very basics such as the benefits of online gambling vs. traditional land-based casinos, tips and hits for new players (beginners) and choosing the best online casino gambling site.  Slightly more advanced discussions are usually also not too far off – an explanation of bonuses and the various types of bonuses typically available on online casino sites, responsible gambling and general online safety and security and even more advanced strategies aiming at equipping players to succeed at specific games such as online slot games and online table games.

Any advice found on the internet should always be doused with a good measure of general logic to boot.  New players are advised to compare the information found on online casino guide sites with the solid basics of the industry.

Why Play Online? – The Benefits of Playing Online

The benefits of playing at an online casino far outweigh those on offer at a traditional land-based casino.  These can generally be divided into four sub-categories:

  • Costs and It’s Relationship to Return to Player Percentages
  • Convenience
  • Variety and Availability
  • Bonuses and Promotions

Lower Overheads Means More Money to Players

Online casinos, by their very nature, do not require even a fraction of the day to day running costs experienced by brick and mortar casinos.  There is no rent to pay, no water and levies, and very few physical staff members.  This extreme cut in costs results in casino companies being able to offer better return to player percentages on games.  Ultimately, casinos and players reap the benefits over lower overhead expenses.

When looking at an independent auditor’s report concerning return to player percentages, return percentages are firstly listed as an average percentage value, including all games in the entire casino, and thereafter on a game to game basis.  This generally applies to land-based as well as online mobile pokies NZ sites.  Land-based casinos generally have no control over the return to player percentages running on gaming machines, as these are pre-programmed by the suppliers.  As a result, land-based casino managers will order machines running at certain percentages in order to control the overall payment bigger picture.

It’s an entirely different situation with online casino sites.  The game’s software is designed in a certain way, and online casinos must make use of the return to player percentages programmed into the game’s mode of function.  In many ways, this makes for an overall more fair situation.  Coupled with the fact that online casinos already offer better return to player percentages as a rule, this can make quite a difference to the player’s available kitty.

A Matter of Convenience

Online casino sites can be accessed from the comfort of one’s own home.  Players do not even have to leave their homes in order to hit the jackpot, with a world of entertainment available to them wherever they are at the time.

Variety and Availably

The limits imposed by a floor space that can only accommodate a certain number of players and game machines and tables are not a factor in the online casino world.  Best of all, all games are available to all players at all times.  Having to wait for another player to finish up before being able to enjoy your favourite slot game is no longer a factor.  Online casinos are also able to offer a great deal more variety of games than land-based casinos.

Bonuses and Promotions

All else aside, bonuses and promotions are probably the one benefit to single out if one were to choose only one perk that sets the online casino world apart.  Land-based casinos do run a number of annual promotions, but not to the extent that online casinos are able to.  Players start out on a winning streak with all of the welcome bonuses out there, and regular players are awarded for coming back to play repeatedly by means of loyalty programs and promotions.

Hints and Tips for Beginners

No online casino guide should be functioning without this one – hints for beginners.  Top hints should include tips on which online gambling sites to join, types of bonuses and promotions and the wagering requirements associated with those particular bonuses, advice on how to play popular games – even if just a broad overview of the rules, money management and online security.

How to Choose an Online Casino Site

Choosing a suitable online casino site should not be rocket science.  There are a number of deciding factors to keep in mind when selecting a site.  At the top of this list is payment and withdrawal procedures.  If an online casino seems make this more complicated than it should be, then it should much rather be avoided.

Second in line is payment options.  All reputable online casino sites have moved away from only supporting credit card payment methods.  With the availability of secure and encrypted payment and withdrawal software, player security has improved considerably, and any online casino concerned about the financial well-being of players should offer these as alternative options.

Developers invest a lot of time and effort in creating top notch money management software.  Many great products are available on the market, including ecocards, ewallets, giftcards and systems like giropay.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

Whichever way you look at it, successful gambling is always responsible gambling.  Excellent online casino guides generally offer a discussion on the importance of responsible gambling.  Matters such as identifying problem gambling, help for problem gambling, the cause of problem gambling, etc., all make for valuable reading.