Online NetEnt Astronomy Themed Starburst Slot Game

Online NetEnt Astronomy Themed Starburst Slot Game

December 17, 2020 Off By Diana Beasley

Looking up into the infinity of space one realises just how much possibility there is out there and might wonder what it would be like to traverse such endless fathoms oneself. Perhaps not as dramatic as this the theme of this Starburst does follow a space style of theme and with the vivid colours and decent graphics installed in this game from the developers NetEnt players can at the least expects some fun display. How accurate the theme is in this context certainly doesn’t play much of a role on the reels of a slot game however and with all the necessary visual aspects checked this game does present well in the end.

Moving passed the theme of this game and onto stuff a little more practical, there is a fundamental structure to this slot game and it involves 5 reels and just 10 pay lines. This basic setup then exploits a rather wide range of betting options through which the players can ultimately select the betting level they would like to play at. Overall the setup of this Starburst slot game is pretty easy and once players move passed it and get into the spinning they find the fun involved in this NetEnt slot at microgaming casino no deposit, including some rather exciting Wild symbols.

Theme Presence and the Symbols on Board

The theme of this Starburst slot is essentially bright lights, gems and stars, with a slight nod toward the astral and a visual play on the bright colours of involved. In so doing this  game does have some decent graphics to support this visual escapade and so players will find that once the spinning starts, or better when the winning begins, the reels can become quite entertaining to behold. At the same time as being visually competent this slot from NetEnt manages to also pull off a rather retro style, certainly so with some of the lighting and atmosphere. This does create a rather unique effect on the reels that is best discerned through experience.

The symbols on the 5 reels of this Starburst slot are made predominantly up of rather exotic looking gemstones that adopt a certain astral and even ethereal feel to them as they play out amidst the atmosphere. These symbols along with the general setup attached to this game makes for a rather compelling visual arrangement between the players and the slot game.

Expecting the Starburst Slot Bonus Features Involvement

Whilst there is only really one bonus feature to this slot game there are a few added aspects to the base game itself. These include a standard Wild symbol as well as a win both ways system for the reels and pay lines involved. The bonus Wild bonus of this Starburst slot involves expanding Wilds that only appear on the middle 3 reels. When one of these Wilds lands on these reels they expand and then spin 3 free spins with these in place. If another Wild lands on the reels in question than the 3 free spins start again with the new Wilds in place.