Overview of Cops N Robbers Progressive Video Slot Game

Overview of Cops N Robbers Progressive Video Slot Game

December 10, 2020 Off By Diana Beasley

Based on the original childhood game, Cops N Robbers is a progressive video slot that players can access online, or from any compatible mobile device.

This game takes aspects from the old classic game of  Cops N Robbers which was a tag game played by children and puts it into quality reel spinning entertainment, with 5 reels, 20 paylines and multiple bonus features. Among the bonus features are wilds, a free spins feature, a Hot Persuit feature and a Safe Cracker bonus.

Theme and Controls

Cops N Robbers displays a steady theme throughout the game, from the quirky characters displayed in the reels to the dimly lit skyline that forms the backdrop and rests above the reels. While everyone may not have played Cops N Robbers as a child, the aim of the game is pretty clear – it’s the bad guys versus the good guys, and the chase is on for bigger wins.

Players of mobile slots can find this game very easy when it comes to navigation, with all action buttons conveniently located at the bottom of the reels, allowing players to find the information they need on paytables, select the number of coins and the number of lines they wish to play, spin the reels and more.

Cops N Robbers Symbols

Cops N Robbers features attractive designs and cartoony graphics that are easy on the eye, from the gorgeous female cop to the many robbers appearing on the reels. In this game 3 or more matching symbols in a row activates a win and the aim of the game remains clear, with both a cop symbol and a robber symbol pairing together.

The standard symbols show a black and white uniformed robber and the cop car, the blue police light and the criminal in red, the female cop and the robber dressed in green and the male cop and robber dressed in orange.

The Judge and the female robber, Rose, act as extra wild symbols in Cops N Robbers mode and switch between the modes in the Cops and Robbers free spins game. The bonus symbols to look out for are the wild bulldog, the Cops N Robbers logo and the symbol with the two cops and the female robber and the symbol displaying a safe.

Cops N Robbers Free Spins Feature

When a player lands 3 or more of the Cops N Robbers symbols the cop will begin to chase the robber across the reels and the free spins will start. Spins are unlimited in the Cops mode, where as there are 8 free spins awarded in the Robbers mode.

Pick X Bonus Game

When a player receives 3 or more of the symbols with the two officers and the female robber, they will ultimately trigger the Pick X Bonus game. There they will be presented with 6 of the character and prompted to choose their favourite to reveal a prizes. The number of pick depends on the number of symbols a player landed.

Safe Cracker Bonus

If a player gets 3 or more of the safe symbols, money will fall out and players receive a Loyalty X. When 15 have been collected players have a chance to win the big bonus. A drum roll will begin and when it stops player are awarded the progressive jackpot that starts at 1 000 000 credits.

‘X’ Feature Bonus Game

If a player receives any of the 5 cop symbols in the shape of an X on the reels they will be awarded with 5 times their bet.