Popular Cricket Bets Explained

Popular Cricket Bets Explained

December 23, 2020 Off By Diana Beasley

Given the vast number of high-quality competitions played around the world every year, it’s nearly impossible to not take notice of the thrilling world of cricket. In fact, so popular is cricket among fans and sports bettors alike, that it is officially regarded the world’s second most popular sport – second only to soccer.

Adding to cricket’s popularity among sports bettors is the sheer number of available cricket bets. This volume and variety make of cricket one of the most popular sports to bet on today. Below is a list of some of the most popular and enjoyable cricket bets as favoured by sports bettors all over the world.

Match Bets

The match bet is one of the most popular cricket bets out there. It is also one of the simplest bets – straightforward and easy to understand.

The reason for this is that placing a match bet is as uncomplicated as choosing from among three possible outcomes – whether the away team will win, whether the home team will win, or whether the match will result in a draw. Since the match bet is simple and uncomplicated, it’s a bet perfectly suited to new and inexperienced bettors.

Series Winner

Since it’s impossible to get enough of the sheer excitement of the sport, cricket fans love the fact that two teams will often play not only one game, but multiple matches in a row.

Even more exciting is to bet on such a series. A series winner bet predicts which one of two teams the bettor anticipates will emerge the ultimate winner of an entire series – or in other words, the team most likely to win the most matches out of the total number of games about to be played.

The Win Toss Bet

In addition to several straightforward bets, https://bettingonlinesports.net.au/cricket/ is also a sport favoured by sports bettors for its variety of creative bets.

These are bets not typically tied to the anticipated performance of a specific team or player – catering more for the entertainment side of betting on the game. Of these, the win toss bet is one of the most popular. The win toss bet allows the bettor to wager money on which of the two teams they think will win the coin toss at the start of a match. The win toss bet is a casual sort of bet, and purely for fun.

Top Batsman & Top Bowler

The top batsman and top bowler bets are perfect for bettors interested in betting on actual players – as opposed to team performances.

Betting on the top batsman means predicting the batsman the bettor thinks most likely to score the highest number of runs. Conversely, wagering on the top bowler predicts who the bowler will be to take the most wickets during a match or a series.

Innings Runs

Another highly popular wager among cricket sports bettors is the innings runs bet. This type of bet will typically be presented in the form of an over/under bet. For example, a bookie will post a number of runs expected to be scored during the first innings of a match, with the bettor predicting whether they think the number of runs scored will be “over” or “under” the number posted by the sportsbook.