Smart Tips For NBA Bettors by Betting Experts

Smart Tips For NBA Bettors by Betting Experts

January 22, 2021 Off By Diana Beasley

The NBA continues to crawl ever higher up the ladder of sports betting popularity. While it used to be that the NFL enjoyed the bulk of bettors’ support, a survey conducted in 2018 indicated that nearly 30% of all respondents had wagered money on an NBA game during that year.

And since bookies are now wise to this increased interest in betting on NBA games, they too have started offering more and more interesting odds and prop bets than ever before in the history of the game. If ever there were a perfect time for leaving the sidelines behind by taking an interest in the betting action, now is that time.

Here’s how smart bettors go about getting in on NBA betting action.

Smart Bettors Think Smart

The one battle most often lost by beginner bettors is the war between the heart and the head. It’s a natural thing to want to bet one one’s favourite team – especially when betting on a sport so passionately supported.

The first step to smart money success is this: learn how to set aside your emotions, loyalty, and emotional biases when going in for that bet. Religiously sticking with your home team won’t mean much to the money equation.

Track Those Results

When betting on the NBA, be sure to consider how teams have performed in previous head-to-head matchups. Without looking back too far (rosters change annually), be sure to take into account historical results. This strategy is especially valuable when dealing with so-called veteran teams that have kept their cornerstone players intact for several seasons on end.

There’s no shortage of free tracking software and useful information online. Nearly every major sports broadcaster has a special team comparisons page running for the current season. Don’t be hesitant to do your homework and make the most of the information at your disposal.

Be Aware Of Grudge Matches

NBA players, especially, often spend years playing for the same team. The result is that while they’re as loyal a bunch as it gets, they often experience being traded as some kind of a personal onslaught – especially initially.

It is for this reason crucial to keep a constant eye on the NBA trade news pages. Players who get traded away are often keen on getting “their own back” against former employers when playing against their previous teams for the first few games after a trade. Revenge may be sweet, but it certainly won’t be for the unsuspecting bettor.

Know That Players Are Human Too

NBA players are celebrities. There’s no getting away from the fact. And celebrities are often regarded as almost super-human.

For this reason, bettors should be careful not to step into the trap of thinking their favourite players don’t ever become tired or worn down. The NBA’s schedule, which typically consists of 82 games to a season, is a serious grind. There’s no getting away from the fact.

Keeping in mind that teams competing in the second run of a back-to-back series of games only win roughly 44% of the time. Players grow tired, and as a result, less efficient. They’re only human, after all.