The Narooma Cup Betting in Detail for Punters Online

The Narooma Cup Betting in Detail for Punters Online

December 21, 2020 Off By Diana Beasley

Narooma is a small town in the Australian State of New South Wales, and is found on the far south coast and along the Princes Highway. The name is thought to be derived from the Australian Aboriginal word meaning Clear Blue Waters and is near the National Parks and Wildlife Reserve of Montague Island. The town is the namesake behind the Narooma Cup that is held at the Moruya Racecourse in early January each year, and there are many more things to recommend it as well. While the Cup itself is not held in Narooma, many spectators stay in the town to take advantage of its other attractions at the same time.

Plenty of Tourist Attractions in Narooma

Narooma is rich in history, culture and unspoilt natural beauty, and is known for much more than the Narooma Cup. Visitors can explore pristine beaches, mountains boasting 8 types of rainforest and rock sites that are significant to the local indigenous people. Charter operators tour the seas and stop at Montague Island, and the Narooma Gold Course has been rated amongst the top 25 resort courses and top 50 public courses in the country.  The diverse activities work to complement the Narooma Cup action for those who come to stay for the racing event.

The Moruya Jockey Club and Racecourse

The Moruya Racecourse is home to its Jockey Club, which hosts and manages horse racing events for Moruya itself, as well as Batemans Bay and Narooma. Visitors to the picturesque track are well taken care of, with Fashions in the Field competitions offering generous prizes, top-quality food and beverage stalls, free entertainment for children and good betting facilities. Narooma Cup fans get to take advantage of all of this quite easily because the race is scheduled for the first few days in January, before the hustle, bustle and stress of a new year has had a chance to start.

Betting on the Narooma Cup

Many people flock to this event, and it often boasts record-breaking numbers. Families and groups of friends might simply want to enjoy a god day out, or they might want to shake things up a little ore by placing wagers on the outcomes. This can be done at the race itself or online, either beforehand or, with in-play betting, as the action unfolds. For those who don’t manage to get to the track, online punting is a good solution and they should be able to use their local land-based bookie as well.

However prospective punters choose to do it, they should try to find out as much information as possible beforehand. This includes checking out the various Australian horse betting options that are available, as well as the horse and jockey win/loss percentages – they should both be looked at, because rider and steed should work as a team. Injury reports and weather conditions are important too, and if bettors can find race tips that they trust these should also be considered. Finding expert opinions and advice about all of these factors is relatively easy, particularly online, and intuition and insight into them also develop with practice and time. For those who want to explore horse race wagers or take their existing punting to the next level, the Narooma event presents a good opportunity to do so.