Throwing Light on the History of Online Casino Gambling

Throwing Light on the History of Online Casino Gambling

December 15, 2020 Off By Diana Beasley

The internet has been life-changing for millions of people across the globe and the online casino industry has had a huge effect on the way players enjoy slots, table games and so much more. From the moment the internet started becoming mainstream and the technology was available to take gaming online, software developers started using their skills to create games that could be played in a virtual environment. There are now hundreds of casino brands online and players can take their pick from a site that suits them; but things weren’t always so simple.

A Starting Point

In the early 1990’s the very first digital casinos started emerging and in 1994 the first true online casino opened its doors for the very first time. Powered by software from Microgaming, a software development house that to this day remains the world’s best, players were able to enjoy a small selection of games at their leisure. Considered to be the most trustworthy name in the game, Microgaming now supports not only online casino play but mobile and is still blazing a trail through the industry. The first online casinos were licensed by Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean and sites that were awarded these credentials were able to operate online legally.

An Online Casino Explosion

Canada then came into the picture and established the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that was a Mohawk Indian tribe who were given the right to issue gaming licenses. This gaming commission regulated play and put a halt to the many rogue casinos that were cropping up, trying to take advantage of unsuspecting players. By the end of 1996 in excess of 15 licensed online casinos were operating and these numbers were looking set to swell dramatically.

In 1997 there were more than 200 online casinos in operation legally and players were flocking to online casino site to enjoy slots, table games and other great entertainment. The benefits offered by these casinos were clear and as advancements in technology were made they continue to improve their offerings in accordance. By 1998 revenues from online casinos had hit $830 million and the industry was flourishing.

Onwards and Upwards

Hot on the heels of online casino games was online poker and then sportsbetting, and there are now an abundance of sites that cater to players of all preferences. Hundreds upon hundreds of gaming sites are vying for player’s attention and online casinos now feature state-of-the-art play that’s almost as realistic as a real land based casino, only with added enhancements.

Hundreds of slots in different styles, multiple versions of roulette, blackjack and other popular games and everything from bingo to scratchcards are available online and players have their every whim well catered for.

Regulatory requirements are still incredibly well enforced and governing bodies make sure that casinos provide safe, secure entertainment in an environment that’s extremely well monitored. With the advent of mobile casino games a whole new world has been opened up and players are now able to enjoy top class entertainment on their smartphone or tablet. In less than two decades the online gaming industry has evolved and morphed into on that is simply enormous and it continues to offer superior gaming in a virtual world that features limited restrictions for players wanting to have fun or win big.