Wanganui Hatrick Raceway Betting In New Zealand

Wanganui Hatrick Raceway Betting In New Zealand

December 17, 2020 Off By Diana Beasley

Hatrick Raceway is a dog track in New Zealand in the town if Wanganui. It is also known as the Wanganui Track, and is home to the Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club. The track holds a number of big races annually, including the New Zealand Breeders Stakes and the Wanganui Distance. Hatrick Raceway is one of the regions stand-alone racing venues, and is known as the Pulse of greyhound racing in the district. The track is tight, with a fast racing surface, which promotes lots of action with each race. The club races mostly on Wednesday afternoons and Friday nights.

Group One Races

The Hatrick Raceway holds three group one races annually. These are the New Zealand Breeders Stakes, the Spion Rose and the Wanganui Distance.

The New Zealand Breeders Stakes is one of the main greyhound races to held each year in New Zealand. The race is a group one race, which attracts dogs from all over the country to participate. The race has been held at Hatrick Raceway since 2005, when it attracted over 500 people.  Eight dogs from eight different trainers are selected for the race, having had to qualify beforehand. A number of dogs are selected as stand in’s in case for some reason the main dogs cannot compete. The NZ Breeders Stakes is widely broadcast on the internet as well as some TV channels. Betting on the race is popular, with many different wagers being offered by a number of bookies.

The Spion Rose is the second most important race that is held at the Hatrick raceway. The race is run over 520 meters and is a group one race like the New Zealand breeders cup. The Spion Rose is also a race which plays a part in the awarding of the New Zealand greyhound of the Year. The purse for the winner is $40 000, which attracts dogs from all over New Zealand. Betting on the race is again available online, as well as at the track. Bookies are on site for the crowd to place a punt, although the betting area is kept separate from the family area.

Online Betting For Hatrick

Hatrick raceway holds races most weeks of the year. Not all of these are available online, although a number of the bigger ones are. Many of the sites that offer online betting for races at Hatrick will be local smaller sites. To find these you need to use your search engine in your web browser. Most sites will require you to sign up with theme by creating a membership. This can be done quickly online although you will need to provide proof of ID and possibly a credit card.

Online Promotions

Many horse racing betting and wagering sites will offer new punters a promotion or bonus of some sort if they create an account with them. This is due to the growing popularity of online betting, and the fact that there are more and more online betting sites competing for members. Many of these bonuses or promotions are an amount of money with which the punter can place a bet. A welcome bonus is a match to your initial bet, up to a certain point. A no deposit bonus is a bit of free money that is given to a new punter so that they can place a wager and try out the site. Both of these promotions come with strict terms and conditions, which must be read and fully understood.